Calabasas Wellness


A different kind of practice.....

What is a Wellness Center and Why Choose One?

A wellness center ensures that all of your family’s physical and mental health needs are met in one place.
Calabasas Pediatrics Wellness Center has an amazing team of experts who offer nutrition, lactation, baby care, sleep training, speech therapy, mental health and mindfulness and education and treatment for overall health and wellness.  We also specialize in treating a wide range of behavioral health and complex medical conditions including parenting and behavioral issues, childhood obesity, eating disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, PANDAS and more. With the latest in brain science and technology, we have a neurofeedback brain performance center to help patients with a wide range of issues including post-concussion treatment, ADHD, anxiety and sleep issues.
We also offer educational classes and workshops on a variety of topics including labor and delivery, breastfeeding, parenting, baby care, mommy and me classes, nanny training, pre/postnatal yoga classes, mindfulness, tween/teen classes and much more. 

Accessibility and Comprehensive Care

Our concierge pediatric service is affordable and offers our patients and their family 24/7 access to our wonderful pediatricians, lactation consultant, sleep training and parenting services. We offer extended appointments, mental health screening and guide you and your family through nutrition and lifestyle choices. We communicate with local and national specialists to ensure your child is receiving the best possible care.