Our pediatricians and specialists offer a wide range of health services including integrative pediatric medicine, adolescent care, nutrition, mental health, eating disorders treatment, neurofeedback, lactation, newborn and baby care education, infant sleep, speech therapy, nanny training and a variety of parenting workshops.

Each family is different and has different needs. To best serve our community, our pediatricians offer three different levels of care as described below.  Please note that we are out of network providers for all insurance companies. Vaccines, however, can often be covered through your pharmacy insurance benefits and we will help to facilitate coverage through a few local pharmacies and administer the vaccines in our office.


VIP Care is for families that prefer to have everything covered in one package and would like full access to the pediatrician via cell phone, texting, email and facetime/video calls.

Annual fee includes:

  • All office visits (sick, well and consultations)
  • Discounted home visits and in office prescriptions
  • Phone / video visits
  • Most routine in-office tests
  • Minor procedures
  • All routine vaccinations

In addition, any specialist care needed will be thoroughly researched to utilize the best doctors for your family’s care. For families that like to travel, they will also benefit from advice and guidance on travel, a travel medicine kit to take on trips and access to the pediatrician from abroad to assist with any unexpected illnesses.

Annual fee over age 1 is $ 5,000 per child (or $450/mo)

Annual fee for first year of life is $6000 (or $550/mo)

w/ additional discounted surcharges for home and hospital visits

Extra Care is for families who wish to have that extra level of care that regular pediatric practices just can’t provide – visits that are not rushed and very comprehensive.

Annual fee includes:

  • 24/7 access to doctor via phone/e-mail
  • Convenient same-day not rushed appointments
  • Personalized health plan including nutrition, sleep & school counseling
  • Your personal advocate and coordination of care with specialists
  • Home visit and after hour appointments are available 

Please note In-office and
home visit fees including vaccines, in-office labs and minor procedures must be
paid at time of service

Annual fee is $ 1,000 per family (or $100/mo) with one child; $500 (or $50/mo) each additional child 

Additional surcharges for home and hospital visits

As-Needed Care is for occasional visits when you cannot get in to see your regular pediatrician or for families who desire single appointment visits only, without after hours communication. Our pediatricians are available for treating illnesses (urgent care), performing physicals, and for consultations and second opinions during regular office hours (no after hours coverage).

No annual fee. Per Visit Charges Apply.